A Burns’ related theme for this new enterprising poetry site with a group of talented writers. Well worth a read.

Whaur Extremes Meet

>> Burns Night

Up-Helly-Aa <<

Burns-Night-2013-016                             up-helly-aa

To launch Scotia Extremis we chose two topical themes: Burns Night, celebrated on the bard’s birthday 25th of January; and the Shetland festival of Up-HellyAa, which this year falls on January 26th. This pairing reflects two very different types of festival; on the one hand, a commemoration of the radical social commentary and beguiling love poetry of Robert Burns, seen by many as the epitome of Scots culture; on the other, a Norse-flavoured pagan festival  full of drama and fire, so far-removed from Burns’s lowland Scotland as to be almost another country.

To a Burns Night

by Ryan Van Winkle

Some have meat
and some have friends to gather

close some nights, hot
in those cold places so often

between us — my how you whistle & slope
and make…

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