The Owl: A Painting! Mix Medium: Water Colour and Charcoal by Vikram Roy

Just another talent of the very talented Vikram Roy.

Vikram Roy's Blog

Name: “The Owl”, Medium: Charcoal and Water Colour, by Vikram Roy © Copyright 24 July 2012

Last Sunday I had begun a painting of an owl! Yesterday night I completed the bird. In India the owl brings lucky charm, a mythical creature related to the goddess of fortune, Lakshmi. There is a small story behind this painting.

On a mango tree at the east end of my friend’s apartment; an owl was appearing for a couple of days. My friend asked me for a cute owl to frame it to remember the beautiful nocturnal creature. Now this painting is framed and kept by a German family in München.

Painting Details:
Name: The Owl
Surface: Artist Paper
Medium: Mix Medium (Charcoal, Water Colour and Permanent Marker)
Paper Size: 42×30 cm
The Owl Size: (On paper: 18.5×8 cm)

With love and hugs!


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