hedgerow #4

Sweet, immersible poetry to leisurely wade through.

hedgerow: a journal of small poems

welcome to #4 of hedgerow, featuring work from eleven different poets & artists. this issue is dedicated to the memory of poet Ronald Fischman who sadly passed away only days after his poem ‘magical realism’ was published in the first issue of hedgerow. as always, your comments, likes & shares are welcomed, as are your submissions to forthcoming issues. many thanks to contributors and readers alike. with love & kindness…

Helen Buckingham

in the shape of a swan

white butterflies
scatter light
over dimming rooftops

Helen Buckingham has been writing ku for the past couple of decades in Bristol, and has recently moved to Wells, the smallest cathedral city in England, deep in the heart of Somerset.

Dominic Moriarty
Dominic Moriarty is a Fine Arts photographer based in Ireland … a love and awareness of nature is a central theme in his work. A broader selection of his…

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