Consciousness: Something Beyond

consciousness2Infinite Expansion of Consciousness

“We come from the unknown and we go on moving into the unknown. We will come again; we have been here thousands of times, and we will be here thousands of times. Our essential being is immortal but our body, our embodiment, is mortal. Our frame in which we are, our houses, the body, the mind, they are made of material things,” writes Osho.

Bodhidharma Bodhidharma at Prayer

Osho continues, “They will get tired, they will get old, they will die. But your consciousness, for which Bodhidharma uses the word ‘no-mind,’ (Gautama Buddha has also used the term ‘no-mind’) is something beyond body and mind, something beyond everything; that ‘no-mind’ is eternal. It comes into expression, and goes again into the unknown, continues for eternity, unless somebody becomes enlightened.”

No Mind
To be conscious, is to be awake, to be aware, to perceive, to understand and ‘know’…

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