Sometimes We Get it ALL WRONG

The wonderful and, it seems to me, incredibly busy Leslie Fletcher.

Inspiration Import

I came across this piece of art by Richard Patchco(sp?) which was painted in 1990. I was unable to obtain any information on him but I can tell it is Native Art and has been used by many to demonstrate a Sweat Lodge Ceremony which is of significant spiritual value. It calls on sweating out bad spirits as the temperatures rise and producing a purity in mind, body, spirit and heart. To find out more about the ritual, since it is not actually what this post is about please visit HERE – a site called The Barefoot Wind Walker.


Someone took this piece of art depicting the ceremonial sweat lodge ceremony and added the words “If it doesn’t nourish your soul, get rid of it.”

CAUTION OPINION INCOMING and it’s mine. Agree or Disagree – I can be flexible 🙂

I take exception to this statement. I don’t find it…

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