Poetry Freeforall: To Another Year

Places to visit and read

Margo Roby: Wordgathering

7:51 a.m. — Atlanta

listening to Home From the Forest sung by Gordon Lightfoot — don’t cheer for me, yet. My computer is not resurrected. I got desperate enough for music that I’m putting up with tinny laptop sound.

Ta dah! Je suis ici! Hullo, all. Here we go again. Shall we leap right in?

At Naming Constellations Joseph Harker is screaming for poems to refine; alright, maybe he’s just yelling a little. While Joseph is working his way through what the heck direction he wants to take himself and the blog, he would like very much to be working on a few of our poems. Don’t worry if you have sent poems in before. I heard desperation in his voice. For those who don’t know, Joseph takes a poem and takes it apart to show what works and what doesn’t, and why. He was born for this, I…

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