Allison Grayhurst




Quickly shadows come

on the window sill and over the

lilac tree.

Soon it is the song of the wind chimes

as birds fly low.

Crows talk and walk across the

vacant road. Flowers

get ready to lose their colour as petals

depart as butterflies would from their stems. The head

of a child is peering around some drapes while grownups

bring candles from the basement.

City cats curl under cars and bumblebees are still.

There is a sharp curve of the sky and a streak of shocking white

like a line across a blank chalkboard.

Doors and screens are closed, as pigeons and squirrels

cover their nests, blind to all but the pressing




Copyright © 2004 by Allison Grayhurst



First published in “Torrid Literature – Erosion Anthology”

Torrid Literature StormTorrid Literature Storm 2Torrid Literature Storm 3Torrid Literature Storm 1

Torrid Literature Erosion


Published in “NatureWriting” May 2017


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