Eclipsing Winter

Don’t let the morning come before its turn
and break the miracle of stolen time.
Our fortune lies in solitude and space,
for as a foreign tongue, we strive to learn
the cliffs ahead that passion begs to climb,
a piercing glide, as fingers tipped to trace
the curving scale with gently sloping grace
until unbidden, waning hours chime.

Unwelcome, daybreak parts her windowed veil
and scores the seekers’ path in tempered clime.
Waylaid, we pause while floodlit stones un-turn
and wait beyond the shallow surface shale
for dusk to offer shield in paled detail
when once again, to journey, we return.


The Mason Sonnet is an invented sonnet form created by American poet Madeline Mason in 1953. It is the rhyme scheme that sets this sonnet apart from others. This was found in the Study and Writing of Poetry; American Women Poets Discuss, 1983 and has been used in…

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