Today the sassafras changed.
From morning to late afternoon
Transforming from that crispy late summer dull green
To something
Did they come to some sort of arboreal consensus?
Were there joint task force committee meetings to decide?
And once it was settled, when every tree was in agreement,
Did they each select from the catalogue of colors
To choose their autumn display?
Deep crimson, lemon yellow, day glo orange,
Odd orangefuchsiapink-
Each tree then their own individual
Creativity allowed to be displayed
On leaves of three different shapes.

Not unlike the gingko tree,
Whose billows of delicately shaped sweet green leaves
Will unanimously choose one day
To turn stunningly yellow.
Every small fan of this magnificent tree
Will change seemingly overnight.
Just as they will all elect
Some days later
To fall
In one accord.

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