Victoria C. Slotto, Author

This poem is a response to two previous prompts at dVerse: Anna Montgromery’sMeeting the Bar on experimental poetry and Claudia Schonfeld’s Poetics on food. I wrote it a while back, using a technique I turn to occasionally when in a writing drought. The idea is to take a dictionary and choose 10-20 words at random, words that appeal to you based on both sound and meaning, then use as many as you can, adding the fewest number of other words possible.


Mangoes dance adagio
on slivers of dreams that float
in the periwinkle wilderness.

Flushed mussels nest
beside curling wisps of smoke
where tongues pluck nectar.

Writhing slices of apple pie
burn urgency.
Remember to wink,
mulling fantasies,
while you knit.

Linking today at dVerse Open Link Night, hosted by Joe Hesch. Please join us for some amazing poetic talent. For a while, I’m having to…

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