Feeling Bewildered?


Have you ever, like myself, felt totally bewildered?

So bewildered in fact that there was no hope – yes I’m afraid it’s true, no hope whatsoever – of ever making sense of something in your life at that moment (or perhaps more depressingly, making sense of anything in one’s life ever again).

Fear not fellow surfers on life’s slurry for help is at hand with these pocket-sized diatribes that I intend issuing in the coming days, months and God willing, years ahead. Please read, digest and relax in order to totally absorb the wit and wisdom contained within each before briefly retiring to the coolest room in the home to reflect on life’s little problems.

It is however early doors – as they say in dear old Blighty – and, even as I type these few lines, I can hear the pitter-patter of Nanny’s work boots calling me to bathtime – so toodle pip for the moment..now where did I put my ducky?


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